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"We create and produce environmental

design solutions used by organizations.

We effectively communicate complex

messages while emphasizing the

importance of creative thought to

business success via the integration

and application of line, form, shape,

texture, light and color."

Stacy Dukes Design, SDD, is a highly creative, full service design and production company specializing in architectural graphics and signage systems, visual communication and product development. What makes Stacy Dukes Design unique is not only the capability to handle a project from start to finish — from planning, concept and design development to in-house production and coordination with outside services — but also the commitment to "break the barriers" in design and materials. With all aspects of a project under one umbrella, the complete process is expedited and the quality at the pinnacle of perfection.

"A project is an opportunity to create,

creating is fuel for passion,

and passion revealed is a mark

of a good project."

Founded in 1983, Stacy Dukes Design has produced well designed, on-the-edge, cost effective, quality products for corporations and institutions, using a cadre of experienced designers and craftsmen to produce a melange of visual communications, corporate sign systems, and display furnishings.

"We want to add the pop-fizz

to the glory of architecture and design."

Stacy Dukes, principal and lead designer of SDD, is an established force within the design profession. The major criteria on which Dukes works is exploration of ideas, materials and objectives.

Mira Kristell, who manages all phases of operations at SDD, works closely with Dukes and clients to assure project objectives are achieved.

Dukes has won numerous awards, including a silver medal for institutional seating from the Institute of Business Designers in New York. His work has been published in Industrial Design Magazine, Interiors, The Orange County Register, and the LA Times.

"Projects are not simple — or hard —

they are emphatic explorations."

Tip-of-the-Iceberg Capabilities

Needs Assessment
Planning and Scheduling
Concept and Design Development
Prototype Development
Final Working Drawings
Graphics Preparation
Production and Fabrication